Do you take custom orders for products?
Generally yes, but it does depend on availability and timelines. Holidays tend to be a busy time for orders, so it is best to reach out early and I can work your project in.
I'm located close to Ottawa, can I pick up my order in person?
Yup! Just select the local pick up option at checkout. You will receive a confirmation of your order, and another notification when it is ready to pick up (most orders are processed within 24 hours).
What's so special about "end grain" cutting boards?
See here. An end grain board arranges the wood vertically, so your knife slips between the wood fibres leading to less dulling when compared to a "long grain" board. Building end grain boards is much more labour and material intensive, so they cost more.
There is a problem with my purchase, what should I do?
Get in touch, we will get you sorted out!
I have a nut allergy, are walnut cutting boards safe for me?
There is a lot of discussion on this topic. My view is "no, better safe than sorry." — the fear is that if the finish wears off and walnut dust is generated from cutting, a person could have a reaction. I do not use walnut oil in any of my finishes.